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MLSS Analyzers

MLSS Analyzers

SS400G MLSS Analyzer

The SS400 MLSS Analyzer is a measuring system best suited to continuously and consistently measure the concentration of mixed liquor suspended solids (MLSS) in an activated-sludge treatment process found in sewage or industrial wastewater treatment facilities.

The SS400G MLSS Analyzer has a measuring range as wide as 500 to 20000 mg/l (ppm). Microprocessor-based, it has a wealth of self-diagnostic functions and alarm contact outputs like other converters in the EXA series, as well as excellent operability.

The SS300G MLSS sensor uses a measuring method that compares transmitted light with scattered light. The sensor is designed with due care to the arrangement of the optical system. These design makes the sensor less susceptible to disturbing light.

The optional jet cleaning unit permits continuous and consistent measurement even in an application where the sensor is exposed to contaminants.