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Yokogawa Electric Corporation





Distributed Control System



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CENTUM VP is Yokogawa’s latest integrated production control system, also known as a distributed control system (DCS). CENTUM VP has a more intuitive human machine interface and more powerful field control stations capable of processing data faster and more reliably. Thanks to features such as a pair & spare CPU configuration, CENTUM VP achieves 99.99999% (seven‐9s) availability.

Foundation for plant that Thinks and Performs

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Customers face a host of challenges - on‐time delivery, zero cost overruns and optimum performance throughout the plant lifecycle. CENTUM VP helps enable plants to adapt and flexibly expand according to business, operation or production expansion requirements. Additionally CENTUM VP helps enable plant operators to make smarter decisions.

Agile Project Execution

Agile Project Execution (APEX) ushers in new engineering possibilities and changes the way that projects can be planned and executed. APEX consists of three key technologies - Flexible Binding, Module Based Engineering and Management of Change.

go to Flexible I/O Binding with N-IO and FieldMate Validator  Flexible Binding
 Flexible Binding allows early start-up of plant operation and ensures lower risk of handover slippage.
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go to The Automation Design Suite  Module Based Engineering
 Module Based Engineering facilitates more efficient and effective engineering without compromising  Yokogawa’s high standards of quality.
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go to The Automation Design Suite  Management of Change
 Management of Change eliminates confusion and reduces the complexity of managing resources  throughout the plant lifecycle.
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40 years and still counting

Yokogawa ensures the long-time support of its legacy systems and minimizes upgrade costs by utilizing existing systems as much as possible.

A number of CENTUM V systems dating back as far as 1983 are still in operation in industrial plants, which is a good indication of the level of long-term support that we provide our customers. Different generations of the CENTUM series production control systems can be interconnected and interactively operated.

For example, the CENTUM VP system (2008 -) can control and monitor a CENTUM-XL system (1988 -) via a bus converter, and
bi-directional control and monitoring can be established between a CENTUM CS 3000 (1998 -) and CENTUM VP.

Our achievements over the years are well known. In April 2011, Yokogawa was awarded the Frost & Sullivan 2011 Global Customer Value Enhancement Award in Distributed Control Systems for the Chemicals Industry.