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ISA-18.2 Alarm Management


Activities with ISA-18.2 Management of alarm systems in the process industries

This standard provides requirements and recommendations for the activities of the alarm management lifecycle. Lifecycle stages include philosophy, identification, rationalization, detail design, implementation, operation, maintenance, monitoring & assessment, management of change, and audit.

There are currently six Technical Reports (TR) for ISA18.2 that have been published.

  • TR1 – Alarm Philosophy
  • TR2 – Alarm Identification and Rationalization
  • TR3 – Basic Alarm Design
  • TR4 – Enhanced and Advanced Alarm Methods
  • TR5 – Alarm Monitoring, Assessment, and Audit
  • TR6 – Alarm Design for Batch and Discrete Processes

Yokogawa supported the Working Groups (WG) that authored technical reports and is actively involved in WG7- Alarm Management for Plants Incorporating Packaged Systems.

Yokogawa provides consulting for alarm philosophy preparation, alarm identification and rationalization, defining alarm KPIs and reporting requirements all in the support of the ISA18.2 standard

Yokogawa products support the standard, such as Consolidated Alarm Management Software (CAMS)Open the new window as part of our CENTUM VP platform, Alarm Reporting and Analysis (ARA) Open the new window, Alarm Master Database (AMD), and Advanced Alarm Administrator (AAA Suite)Open the new window.