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Yokogawa Electric Corporation





Integrated Production Control System



Yokogawa controllers are designed for controlling and monitoring industrial plants which must keep running non-stop in stabilized status with high reliabilities.

Field Control Station (FCS)

Compact FCS

A cabinet type and a rack-mount type of FCS are available from Yokogawa. Both Vnet/IP and V net control networks can be used for configuring the system networks. The dual-redundant design of the FCS processor modules, power supply, I/O modules, and I/O networks achieve high availability of 99.99999%. The pair & spare architecture is unique to Yokogawa that improves the stability of process control.

 LCA logo   Life Cycle Assessment Result Life Cycle Assessment Result

* Assessed based on the sample system of total 28,200 I/O (AI, AO, DI, and DO) points between CENTUM CS (RIO) and CENTUM CS 3000 R3 (FIO).

Process I/O Modules


Fieldnetwork I/O (FIO)
Yokogawa offers compact, cost-effective, and reliable I/O devices, targeted as the industrial standard.

Subsystem Integration

In order to operate and monitor the subsystems of the auxiliary devices controlled by programmable logic controller (PLC), various types of analyzers and other instruments for the integrated plant automation, FCS subsystem communication capability enables connection with the subsystems, and also supports dual-redundant configuration.

The subsystems include Mitsubishi MELSEC, Allen Bradley PLC-5 and SLC500, Modbus compatible devices, Siemens SIMATIC, Omron SYSMAC, Yokogawa FA-M3, Darwin, and DAQSTATION and so on.

Achilles Level 1+ Robustness against Cyber Attack

Certificate of Compliance

Yokogawa has received Achilles Level 1 + certification for various Vnet/IP controllers.

Achilles Certification Program is to provide a benchmark for the deployment of secure industrial devices. It is designed to assess the network robustness of industrial devices and certify that they meet a comprehensive set of requirements and conformance.