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Support files

On this page one can download all support files for the PH202G(S) transmitter.
Download Support Files for the PH202G(S) transmitter




Release date


HART files

dd. 21-11-2002


Foundation Fieldbus files

dd. 04-06-2003


Profibus files

dd. 05-01-2009


Profibus files for Siemens

dd. 05-01-2009


AMS files

dd. 13-11-2002


PRM files

dd. 04-02-2003

The PH202G(S) uses RS232 for communication with a personal computer.
Yokogawa devolped the PC viewer program for remote control of the instrument(s).
The program is free downloadable here.

It is possible to perform a software upgrade for PH202G(S). The necessary hardware is available as sparepart K1548FU. The software program and latest drivers can be downloaded here:

Download Winflash

Download drivers for EXA(xt)