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Fieldbus Segment Indicator

FVX110 Fieldbus Segment Indicator

  • FVX110 Fieldbus Segment Indicator
    The FVX110 field mount indicator is fully compliant with the FOUNDATION™ fieldbus digital communications protocol. With a single FVX110, up to 16 process variables from multiple field instruments can be monitored, helping our customers reduce their plant instrumentation costs.

Loop Indicators

MLD1 Loop Power Indicator

arrowBlue MLD1 Loop Power Indicator

The Model MLD1 accepts a 2 wire 4-20 MADC input with less than a 1 volt drop at 20 MADC. The 3 ½ digit LCD display is fully adjustable +/- 1999 and has an accuracy of +/- 1 digit.
The 4.3" instrument has an aluminum alloy case and cover, which can be mounted on a nominal 2" pipe mount or surface; either horizontal or vertical.
Additional standard specifications include:

  • Decimal Point is selectable by DIP switch
  • Ambient Temperature: -10-70 C
  • Over range +/- 200 ma without damage
  • Vibration: 3G @9-80Hz, 1G @80-150Hz
  • Electrical connection: ½ NPT female
  • Weight: 2.7 lbs

    PDF General Specifications
    PDF Instructions Manual

MLX Loop Powered Process Indicator

arrowBlue MLX Loop Powered Process Indicator

The MLX is the latest addition to Yokogawa's family of loop powered indicators operating from a 4-20 mA DC input. This model uses the same explosion proof housing as the MLA and MLD, and incorporates the LCD display from the EJX pressure transmitter. The display itself contains a 6 digit numerical display, a 6 digit alphanumeric display for engineering units and a 20 segment bar graph indicating 0 to 100% of full scale. The display is user configurable to show the desired engineering units. Another unique feature is square root extraction from a pressure transmitter signal for flow measurement.

PDF General Specifications
PDF Instructions Manual

Proplus Explosion-Proof Meters

The Proplus explosion-proof meters features display clear information about any process under varied lighting conditions, from wide angles and distances.

YPP6801 YPP6820 YPP6830 YPP6870
Level Meter
(Feet & Meters)
Flow Rate/Total
(Analog In)
Flow Rate/Total
(Pulse In)
Process Meter
(Large Display)

New Releases

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DPharp EJA-E Series Differential Pressure and Pressure Transmitter

DPharp EJA-E SeriesThe powerful line-up of DPharp digital family is launched.
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ROTAMASS LR Coriolis Mass Flowmeters

ROTAMASS LR Coriolis Mass FlowmetersThe world's smallest dual bent tube Coriolis Mass Flowmeter


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DPharp Family

DPharp FamilyThe highlights of DPharp unique technologies that provides superior performance, stability and reliability in your measurement.


The world's first ISA100.11a field wireless products

The world's first ISA100.11a field wireless products- EJX B Series Differential Pressure/Pressure Transmitters
- YTA510 Temperature Transmitter
- YFGW710 Integrated Gateway



FDT/DTMYokogawa's versatile field device management tool FieldMate is a so called hybrid solution supporting both EDDL as well as FDT/DTM technology.