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Exaquantum PIMS
Exaquantum is Yokogawa’s platform for delivering operational value from the wealth of process information available from process automation systems. It is seamlessly integrated and aligned with Yokogawa and 3rd party DCSs, Safety Systems, SCADA Systems and PLCs. Exaquantum integrates with Yokogawa higher-level solutions to provide comprehensive manufacturing intelligence.

Batch information management system suitable for plants and implementations requiring FDA 21 CFR Part 11 certification.

Application Packages
Complimenting and enhancing the value of Exaquantum are a number of application packages.

Alarm Management
Includes the packages Sequence of Events Recorder, Alarm Reporting and Analysis and Alarm Master Database.

Safety Management
Includes the packages Subsea Portal, Safety Function Monitoring and Override Safety Advisor.

Production Management
Includes the packages Down Time Analysis, Production Accounting (Exaquantum mPower) and Movements Monitoring (Visa-OM).

Energy Management
Includes the package Power Performance Calcs.

Operator Effectiveness
Includes the packages Report Manager, Graphical Framework, Operator Trending Module, AutoTrend and Electronic Logbook.

Data Connectivity
Includes the packages LIMS Data Exchange, Virtual Private Network, Remote Data Synchronization, Synchronus OPC Data Manager, Historical Data Manager, File Data Manager, Event Email Service, Batch Recipe Update, Manufacturing Data Exchange, OPC Redundancy Manager.

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