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Yokogawa Electric Corporation





Yokogawa's Approach

Yokogawa's success in being first

CENTUM Series systems were the first to pass the Fieldbus Foundation host interoperability support test (HIST).
Yokogawa devices were the first to pass the ITK 4.0 severe interoperability test.
Yokogawa developed the world's first registered Data Acquisition paperless recorder.
Yokogawa was the first to have Fieldbus redundancy for continuous operation in the event of card failure.

Yokogawa joined the initiative to develop an open and internationally standardized field network specification in 1984. Since then Yokogawa has played a leading role in every aspect of developing the necessary technologies. The firm has since gone on to become one of the founding members of the Fieldbus Foundation (1994). Furthermore, it has been working to define the specifications for the FOUNDATION fieldbus™ standard and is leading research and development in this area.

To facilitate the commercialization of the FOUNDATION fieldbus™ platform, Yokogawa has been taking steps to ensure that it is interoperable. The company was the first to register field devices with the Fieldbus Foundation by passing the Interoperability Test Kit 4.0 (ITK4.0), and it was first to submit its control system to the Host Interoperability Support Test (HIST). These initiatives have provided users with a truly open FOUNDATION fieldbus™ system.

More recently, Yokogawa has started operating HIST test sites in cooperation with device vendors. Nine devices have already been registered, and the CENTUM CS 3000 is the world's first HIST registered system.

In 1998, Yokogawa started development of a full-fledged distributed control system (DCS) that can deliver the full benefits of FOUNDATION fieldbus™. In January 2001, we released the CENTUM CS 3000 R3, offering full FOUNDATION fieldbus™ compatibility. This product has complete interoperability with our previous models, which enables the migration of systems. We also released PRM (Plant Resource Manager), an integrated resource management software package that enables all the maintenance and security functions of FOUNDATION™ to be used in a single integrated program.

Yokogawa is doing more than simply "fieldbus-enabling" its field devices. We have added support functions to reduce the total cost of ownership (TCO) for each user by releasing ValveNavi, a package for diagnostics and adjustment of control valves, and are reinforcing self-diagnostics in field devices.

FOUNDATION fieldbus™ will lead to greater innovations in instrumentation and control systems, and Yokogawa is fully committed to promoting and improving this powerful digital technology.

EJX : Pressure/differential pressure transmitter
EJA : Pressure/differential pressure transmitter
digitalYEWFLO : Digital vortex flowmeter
YVP™ : Valve positioner
YTA™ : Temperature transmitter
ADMAG™ AE : Magnetic flowmeter
SC202, ISC202 : Conductivity meters
PH202 : pH meter