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Yokogawa Electric Corporation





Field Devices

Yokogawa’s FOUNDATION™ fieldbus-enabled Field Devices

device imageSince bringing the world’s first FOUDATION™ fieldbus -enabled field device to market, Yokogawa has developed a range of FOUDATION™ fieldbus -enabled products. Our current product lineup is shown below. With each model, Link Active Scheduler (LAS) functionality and a PID block(s) are available. Many models have explosion-proof or intrinsically safe construction.

Yokogawa is focused on improving its diagnostic technology, which is essential for reducing total cost of ownership (TCO). For example, we are developing a means by which defects can be identified in a steam tracing system's steam jacket by comparing the steam temperature with the environmental temperature. We are also developing a way to monitor the differential pressure and flow rate in order to detect plugged impulse lines in a differential pressure transmitter that measures flow rate. In a vortex flowmeter, diagnostics can uncover problems such as excessive vibrations and process fluid abnormalities (e.g. pulsating flow and plugging). In particular, the YVP valve positioner totalizes the stroke travel, stroke cycle count, open time, close time, and near-close time for diagnostics, and these totals can then be used to optimize the valve maintenance cycle.

DPharp EJX Series

The new DPharp EJX transmitters are the latest addition to the DPharp family's EJA series. DPharp EJX transmitters employ a next-generation multi-sensing technology that provides virtually the highest level of performance and precision in the market.

DPharp EJA Series

DPharp EJA Series digital differential pressure and pressure transmitters have a high accuracy silicon resonant pressure (HARP) sensor that enables hysteresis-free operation, provide superior over-pressure protection, and deliver unmatched performance in the most demanding process applications. Models are available for flow (differential pressure), liquid level, gauge, absolute, and draft pressure measurement.

ADMAG AXF Magnetic Flowmeters

Based on FOUNDATION™ fieldbus specifications, ADMAG AXF Magnetic Flowmeter Fieldbus models offer more flexible instrumentation through a higher level communication capability and propose the cost reduction by multi-drop wirings with less cables.


The digitalYEWFLO flowmeter combines the field-proven sensor and body assembly used in more than 200,000 units installed worldwide, with unique digital electronics, including SSP (Spectral Signal Processing)* technology. The digitalYEWFLO flowmeter provides high accuracy and stability, even under harsh process conditions. Combined with high reliability and robust design, it delivers improvements in plant efficiency and reduced operating costs.

*SSP is Yokogawa’s original technology for digital signal processing.

FVX110 Fieldbus Segment Indicator

FVX110 Fieldbus Segment Indicator can be switched and indicate up to 16 process variables, and FOUNDATION™ fieldbus communication also enables signals from third party devices to e displayed.

YVP Series

The YVP Series has a unique non-contact stem position sensing mechanism. It dependably manipulates various types of valves and offers diagnostic data in addition to dependable valve position feedback.


ValveNavi is a utility tool which helps users to set up, tune, and maintain YVP110 fieldbus positioners interactively and efficiently. Valve-Navi runs under Windows and communicates with YVP110s on a Fieldbus network via a Fieldbus communication interface.

YTA Series

YTA temperature transmitters, with RTD, thermocouple or millivolt input, provide temperature input for use in a variety of situation and applications.

AV550G Averaging Converter

AV550G Averaging Converter can accept inputs from up to eight zirconia oxygen detectors. It sends output signals for the individual as well as averages of multiple oxygen concentrations. A multiple point oxygen measurement system may be required for situations when gas stratification in the flue duct affects combustion control.


The EXA PH Series, Yokogawa’s newest system, opens up a new era in pH measurement. Its sophisticated single-chip microcomputer design is the product of over 30 years of pH meter experience.


EXA SC Analyzers are widely used in the quality measurement of boiler water, municipal water, drinking water, and cooling water; in the measurement of process liquids for concentration control in the chemical, food processing, and pharmaceutical industries; and in the measurement of cleaning, rinsing and plating solutions for metal surface treatment processes.


The EXA ISC Inductive Conductivity Analyzer design incorporates the input from a worldwide base of satisfied users. This model offers broad rangeability and unmatched durability with a donut-shaped ISC40 probe and rugged polyetheretherketone (PEEK) coating.


The EXA DO202 Dissolved Oxygen 2-wire transmitter offers such benefits as flexibility, reliability, and less maintenance. Designed to meet the exacting requirements of Dissolved Oxygen analysis in the modern industrial environment, it contains many features to ensure the best precision whatever the application.