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BT200 BRAIN Terminal

The BT200 is a handheld device that is used to enter, change, display, diagnose and print out configuration or calibration information for Brain communication equipments and field instruments.

Product Information: BT200 BRAIN Terminal

For use with all Yokogawa communications equipment

Field Instrument - BT200 BRAIN Terminal

The BT200 BRAIN Terminal is used to set, change, display and print out parameters such as tag numbers, output mode, and range for equipment that use BRAIN communications. This handheld terminal also monitors I/O values and self-check results, sets constant-current output, and allows zero adjustments.  To perform these functions, it must be connected to the equipment’s 4 to 20mA DC signal transmission lines or to a dedicated connector on the ESC (Signal Conditioner Communication Card) when the system is started up or maintained.
  BT200 BRAIN TERMINAL General Specifications
  BT200 BRAIN TERMINAL User's Manual

Features: BT200 BRAIN Terminal

Diagnostics/ security with error messages
  In addition to the terminal’s self-check functions, there is a code entry function that helps maintain the integrity of important setup data.
Built-in thermal printer
  This option enables on-the-spot printouts of tag numbers, calibrations, configurations, and more. Customers will appreciate the ability to print out quality assurance and ISO 9000 documentation.

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