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Control Engineering Magazine Selects VigilantPlant

Control Engineering magazine selects VigilantPlant
for 2005 Editors’ Choice Award

Control Engineering Award

In its January 2006 issue, Control Engineering magazine has announced the selection of the VigilantPlant suite of products and services for a 2005 Editors’ Choice Award.
VigilantPlant has received this award in the process and advanced control category and is one of just 45 products to be singled out for this honor from the thousands covered last year by this authoritative industry publication. This selection was based on the editors’ assessment of VigilantPlant’s contribution to industry, advanced technology, and impact on the market.
Since its unveiling in early 2005, the VigilantPlant concept has gained considerable industry momentum and focused attention on the integrated capabilities of Yokogawa’s products and services to help customers achieve true excellence in their plant operations. This latest high-profile affirmation of our VigilantPlant strategy tells us that we are on the right track to taking the leading position in process automation by 2010.


VigilantPlant : The clear path to operational excellence

The clear path to operational excellence

Yokogawa’s vision with VigilantPlant is to create an environment where plant personnel and operators are well informed, alert, and ready to take action. Imminent abnormal events are detected well before they become a problem, and the role of the operator can be transformed from reacting to problems to making intelligent decisions about the process to optimize plant and business performance. VigilantPlant is rooted in the philosophy of Peter Drucker, who espoused that a well-managed plant is "silent and boring", where the role of the operator is transformed into that of a knowledge worker that spends more time optimizing production rather than reacting to emergent problems in the plant.

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