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Yokogawa Electric Corporation





Our solutions

Yokogawa PAT Solution to Real Time Release testing (RTRt)

Yokogawa's approach to the development of process analytical technology (PAT) solutions relies on real-time monitoring of critical quality attributes (CQA) to achieve lean manufacturing. Online quality attributes can be directly monitored by means of near infrared (NIR) analysis. Another approach is the use of process modeling technology to monitor process health.

Solution Leaflet

RTRt leaflet Our PAT solution strategy and functional concept of tools are explained in this leaflet which was distributed as the handout at IFPAC-2013.

RTRt leaflet pdf

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Chemical and pharmaceutical solutions in Europe
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Revised bulletin

Yokogawa in Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Information on new projects and on our GAMP5-based CSV engineering strategy and PAT solution development approach is provided in the revised bulletin, Yokogawa in Pharmaceutical Manufacturing.
Yokogawa in Pharmaceutical Manufacturing