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Yokogawa Electric Corporation





Iron & Steel

Yokogawa Industrial Automation has evolved with the automation users since the day of pneumatic instrumentation. Check the wide spectrum of our application experiences that are built on our long-term relationship with industry leaders.

Application Examples

Title Products
Control of Heat Treating Furnace Operation Control and Measurement station (CX2000)
Paperless recorder (DX2000)
Intelligent industrial recorders (µR20000)
Digital indicating controllers (UT Series)
Program controllers (UP Series)
Power monitor (PR300)
Instruments and Solution for Iron & Steel Industry PDF Paperless recorder (DXAdvanced)
Single-loop controller (YS1000)
Outputting Messages When Monitoring with Gas Analyzers Paperless recorder (DX1000)
Power Monitoring, and Overall Power Monitoring Using Daqstation Paperless recorder (DX2000)
Digital indicating controller with alram (UM33A)
Signal conditioner (VJU7)

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