Volume 54, April 27, 2010


Application for a Time Proportioning Output Converter


One Point Lessons

DXAdvanced Series Paperless Recorders (Lesson 10)



Japanese Lesson 39, "Hospitals: Injuries"

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1. Application

Application for a Time Proportioning Output Converter

  UTAdvanced Application: Application for a Time Proportioning Output Converter  

The ladder sequence function of UTAdvanced can perform signal conversion.


  • UTAdvanced UT55A/UT52A Digital Indicating Controllers
  • UTAdvanced UT35A/UT32A Digital Indicating Controllers
    For more detail

Please visit the UTAdvanced microsite for product details.


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2. One Point Lessons

DXAdvanced Series Paperless Recorder

  Paperless recorder DXAdvanced  

Lesson 10: Web Alarm Output Function

Lets you know alarm occurence with alarm sound on the PC speakers

Please visit the DXAdvanced microsite for product details.


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3. Special

Lesson 39, "Hospitals: Injuries"

A: What happened? Dou shimashita ka?
B: Yesterday playing tennis, I hurt my ankle. Kinou, tenisu wo shiteite, ashikubi wo itamete shimai mashita.
A: Please take off your socks and lie down in bed. Kutsushita wo nuide, beddo ni yoko ni natte kudasai.
B: It's a little swollen, isn't it. I'm going to move it, so please tell me if it hurts. Sukoshi hareteimasu ne. Ugokasu node, itakattara itte kudasai.
A: Ow, that hurts. Aa, itai desu.
B: Looks like a sprain, so put on a medicated plaster sheet and stay still until the pain subsides. Nenza no you desu node, shippuyaku wo hari, itami ga toreru made ansei ni shiteite kudasai.
A: About how long will it take until it heals? Naoru made donokurai kakarimasu ka?
B: I think the pain will subside in about a week. Isshuukan hodo de itami ga toreru to omoi-masu.
A: Thank you very much. Arigatou gozaimashita.

Other expressions

terrible neck/shoulder stiffness katakori ga hidoi desu
to break a leg ashi no hone wo oru
to burn a hand te wo yakedo suru
to cut a hand with a kitchen knife houchou de te wo kiru
to scrape an elbow hiji wo surimuku
to bruise a leg ashi wo daboku suru
Vowels are easy to pronounce, similar to Spanish or Hawaiian
(as commonly pronounced by non-native speakers):
a = "ah" as in "taco" or "aloha"
i = "ee" as in "Tijuana" or "Waikiki"
u = "oo" as in "Eres tu" or "Luau"
e = "eh" as in "Espanol" or "Kameamea"
o = "oh" as in "Mexico" or "Molokai"

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