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Empowered Technology:

The vortex flowmeter principle -> (PDF)

The next generation in vortex measurement is the digitalYEWFLO. Combining the field proven sensor and body assemblies used in over 300 000 units installed worldwide, with unique digital electronics and possessing Yokogawa’s SSP technology the DigitalYEWFLO provides the ultimate in accuracy and stability. The available DigitalYEWFLO Reducer version in Yokogawa's portfolio reduces the minimum required flow rate by 5 and minimizes the upstream & downstream pipe lengths.

Yokogawa’s “Spectral Signal Processor” SSP analyzes the fluid conditions and uses the data to select the optimal settings for the application, providing features never seen before in a vortex flowmeter. The signals from the piezo crystals inside the shedder bar are monitored constantly. Intelligent noise functions eliminate noise, thus providing vibration immunity and high stability, even at low flows. The user interface is a two line LCD display giving flow rate and totalized value simultaneously as well as functional data and diagnostic information.

The multi-variable version with its temperature sensor embedded in the shedder bar is used primarily for steam and energy measurement. The digitalYEWFLO is highly suited in applications with temperatures as low as -196° C or as high as +450° C. In the upstream oil industry, the digitalYEWFLO is an ideal flowmeter for high pressure applications with flange ratings up to ANSI Class 2500. Dual sensor versions are also available for bidirectional measurement or safety applications. Especially but not exclusively for the solar industry, Yokogawa's offering also envelops butt weld process connections.

Product specification digitalYEWFLO

For Pipe Sizes DN15 to 400 (0.5“ to 16“)
End Connections Flange or wafer
Flange Reducer: 1 step down R1
Flange Reducer: 2 steps down R2
Electronics Integral or remote
Measuring Range 0.3 to 4000 m³/h
(0 to 18000 GPM - US), e.g. for water
Body Material Stainless steel SCS 14 A (1.4410)
Stainless steel 1.4408 (CF8M)
Carbon steel (WCB)
Shedder Bar Material Stainless steel 1.4517 / 1.4462
Duplex stainless steel [equivalent to JIS SUS329J1]
Size 15mm ASTM S31803
Size 25mm to 300mm DCS1*1,
EN 1.4517
Duplex stainless steel CD4MCu
Hastelloy C276 equiv. 2.4819 CF8M
Process Temp. Range -196° C to +450° C (-321° F to +842° F)
AmPressure Range up to PN 420 /ANSI Class 2500
Ambient Temperature -29° C to 85° C (-20° F to 185° F)
Accuracy* ±0.75 % liquid, ±0.5 % temp.
±1 % gas and steam
Display 2 Line LCD
Ex-approvals ATEX, FM, CSA, SAA, IECEx
Signal Outputs/ Inputs 4 to 20 mA, pulse/alarm output
Communication HART or BRAIN, FOUNDATION™ Fieldbus
Power Supply 10.5 to 42 V DC
Protection Class IP 67 (NEMA 4X)
Max. Distance Sensor – Signal converter 30 m (100 ft)
Special Features Self diagnostic functionality
Built-in temperature sensor for mass flow calculation of saturated steam
Special options on request
* of measured value
* 1 DCS1 is a registered trademark of Daido Castings Co., Ltd.

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