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Rota Yokogawa GmbH & Co. KG





Press release

Rota Yokogawa - 23. May 2016

Yokogawa launches new ROTAMASS Total Insight Product Portfolio

Rota Yokogawa has the pleasure to launch Rotamass Total Insight, a new four-wire Coriolis mass flow meter portfolio with unique lifecycle support. Yokogawa’s Coriolis mass flow meters feature six dedicated sensor lines: Rotamass Nano, Rotamass Prime, Rotamass Supreme, Rotamass Giga, Rotamass Intense and Rotamass Hygienic as well as two modular transmitters Essential and Ultimate. Rotamass TI future-proofs Yokogawa’s established Coriolis mass flow meter platform and reduces operational expenses in all phases of the product lifecycle. Rotamass Total Insight provides more process insight, reducing maintenance costs and generally making the new Coriolis flow meter platform better at every stage of its lifecycle. We are sure end users will experience significant benefits.

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