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Yokogawa Electric Corporation





Success Stories

Other Industries


SENAI-AL, Maceio, Alagoas state, Brazil

  • SENAI-AL, Maceio, Alagoas, Brazil

    - SENAI-AL selected Yokogawa to provide the training solutions to learn the latest technologies as well as measurement and feedback control.

    - Yokogawa's STARDOM and transmitters are used for the micro ethanol distillation plant to develop future engineers.

NEP SOLAR Pty Ltd, Warriewood, NSW, Australia

  • NEP SOLAR Pty Ltd, Warriewood, NSW, Australia

    - Yokogawa’s HXS10 solar controller optimizes conversion efficiency at Australian solar cooling plant

    - Accurate sun tracking and visualization of all process data

WISAG Automatisierungstechnik GmbH & Co. KG, Germany

Alewijnse Marine Systems, Netherland

  • Alewijnse Marine Systems, The Netherlands
    SCADA System-based Megayachts
    FAST/TOOLS version 8.4

    - The SCADA system is used for visualization, operation and configuration of the engine room automation
    - FAST/TOOLS SCADA was chosen because of its quality and support

Thai Acrylic Fibre Co., Ltd., Thailand

  • Thai Acrylic Fibre Co., Ltd., Thailand
    Acrylic Fiber Plant
    Digital plant control system based on FOUNDATION™ fieldbus

    - 10-month commissioning realization
    - About 20% reduction in CAPEX
    - Plant efficiency and process capability improvements

Nanjing Municipal Environment Monitoring Center

  • Nanjing Municipal Environment Monitoring Center, China
    Data Acquisition & Transmission System for Online Air & Water Pollution Monitoring

    - Utilizes an open and highly reliable non-Windows operating system that provides increased protection against common types of Web attacks
    - Features an embedded Web server with remote operation and maintenance capability
    - Has a modular system configuration and online download capability for easy system expansion
    - Can flexibly connect to GPRS and other types of networks

Alexandria Fiber Company

  • Alexandria Fiber Company, Egypt
    Acrylic Fiber Plant
    FOUNDATION Fieldbus-enabled Control System

    - Completed this project at significantly lower cost
    - Improved the quality of products coming off the production line and reduced the production cost by gaining timely access to field information
    - Acquired a predictive maintenance capability through the use of device diagnostic data

Heat and CO2 Transfer System

  • ENECO Energie, The Netherlands 
    ROCA Power Station
    Heat and CO2 Transfer System

    - Reduced cabling costs by using a commodity GPRS network infrastructure
    - Additional reduction in system cost by making full use of existing components
    - Reduction in cost of software by using all web-based technology
    - Long-term service contract — no need to worry about a suspension of maintenance services

Mori Building Co., Ltd., Japan

  • Mori Building Co., Ltd., Japan
    Roppongi Building
    Plant Information Management System (PIMS)

    - Improved analysis of energy consumption
    - Ability to monitor the impact of changes in outside air intake
    - Ability to monitor the efficiency of a chilled water transfer system

Thomson Multimedia Polska Sp. zo.o., Poland

Miyota Co., Ltd., Japan

  • Miyota Co., Ltd., Japan
    Overseas Production Facilities
    Control System

    - Remote operation and monitoring of production sites from headquarters

    - Reduced labor costs including overseas travel expenses

Vetreria Etrusca, Italy

  • Vetreria Etrusca, Italy
    Savona Plant
    Control System

    - Complete automation and control of glass plant

    - Improved production cycle time and stabilized product quality with reduced energy consumption and costs