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United Kingdom



Training Centre United Kingdom

Yokogawa UK Training Centre provides extensive training for all levels of plant personnel to maximise the benefits of Yokogawa systems and integrated solutions for your enterprise. The training program includes product and system overview, detailed system configuration, maintenance, operator and fundamentals of safety and process control.

Yokogawa UK Training Centre offers bespoke training customised to suit customer-specific requirements. We specialise in providing the training required for configuration, operation and maintenance of Yokogawa systems. Yokogawa is actively committed to the professional development of our customers’ employees and provide an environment which stimulates continuous learning. Our approach ensures that students maintain and develop knowledge and skills sets which are specific to their current and future industry. This is why we believe continuous professional training is so important.

To support this ideology Yokogawa Training Centre uses the latest multimedia to facilitate the training and to replicate real world site setups in dedicated training rooms. Our fully interactive courses utilise the latest white board technologies and workstations. To support students further, Yokogawa UK Training Centre run courses using full systems and integrated systems hardware to replicate live plant conditions and scenarios.

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