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Yokogawa Corporation of America

North America

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About Service

Service Deliverables:
Service products available.

Service GS Sheets:
Service GS (General Specification) Sheets, specifications on Service Products.

Legacy Systems Migration:
Migration Solutions for Legacy Systems, CENTUM V, CENTUM-XL and XL.

Training Center

Training Solutions:
Because automation advances so rapidly, Yokogawa is committed to helping its customers stay ahead of the learning curve. We back this commitment with a comprehensive training program designed to help your people get the most out of your hardware and software -- to maximize your Yokogawa investment.

Online Technical Support

Online Technical Support:
Technical Support Request Form.
Customer Concern Form.
Web Site Technical Support.

STARDOM Information:
"The Network based Control System" (NCS).

Technical Information:
Product Technical Documentation, Software, and other information available for download.

Service Contract Customer Area

Service Contract Customer Area:
Premium content offerings available to Service Contract Customers. This area is available only to customers with valid Service Contracts with Yokogawa Corporation of America.

A Yokogawa annual maintenance contract can maximize the profits generated over the lifetime of a product by improving system reliability and reducing downtime. A maintenance plan can be configured to suit the particular needs of use, with maintenance being performed either on a periodic or a condition basis.

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