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Yokogawa Electric Corporation





VigilantPlant Services™

Lifecycle Effectiveness Services™

Lifecycle Effectiveness Services

Lifecycle Effectiveness Services™ are the third and final step of the VigilantPlant Services™. This is the maintenance phase in which Yokogawa helps clients sustain the effectiveness of their implemented solutions. These services help clients who want to achieve the following:

- Maintain effectiveness throughout the plant lifecycle
- Identify when improvements need to be made

Regular Effectiveness Analysis

Regular effectiveness analysis provides clients with an opportunity to periodically evaluate the effectiveness of their implemented solutions. A Yokogawa consultant visits the client site once a year to obtain the latest information on the installed solution so that its effectiveness can be evaluated. In cases where degradation has occurred, Yokogawa offers its Solution Implementation Services™ to restore effectiveness.

Free Plant Analysis

“Profit Finder” is an easy-to-use tool for Free Plant Analysis.