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vigilantplant services.

Building Your Future to Last

vigilantplant services. are a suite of comprehensive services that realize Yokogawa's VigilantPlant concept, helping manufacturers achieve safe, reliable, environmentally friendly and profitable plant operations. From design through project execution, operations and maintenance, vigilantplant services. make it possible for manufacturers to maintain Operational Excellence over the entire plant lifecycle.

Opportunity Identification ServicesSolution Implementation ServicesLifecycle Effectiveness Services

vigilantplant services. take into consideration the current stage of development and the range of each customer's existing continuous improvement programs, and have three entry levels:

Step1:  Opportunity Identification Services™
Identify new improvement possibilities and proper solutions

    Free Plant Analysis

    Comparative Effectiveness Analysis

    Management Seminar

    Improvement Leader Development Program (ILDP)

Step2:  Solution Implementation Services™
Implement identified solutions effectively

Step3:  Lifecycle Effectiveness Services™
Sustain the achieved effectiveness through the plant lifecycle

vigilantplant services. help to improve the effectiveness of your automation platform and achieve a rapid and significant return on investment (ROI). The targeted improvements are arranged as follows, by excellence category.

Safety Excellence
Improve the effectiveness of independent protection layers (IPL) 2-4.
- IPL2: Basic controls, process alarms, operator supervision
- IPL3: Critical alarms, operator supervision, manual intervention
- IPL4: Automatic action of safety instrumented system (SIS) or emergency shutdown system (ESD)

Asset Excellence
Optimize the effectiveness of your plant assets through the use of monitoring and diagnostic services.

Production Excellence
Optimize your production processes by improving the effectiveness of ISA95 levels 1-3.
- ISA95-Level 3: MES, PIMS, etc.
- ISA95-Level 2: PCS, PLC, APC, AOA, OTS, etc.
- ISA95-Level 1: Sensors, Analyzers, etc.

Lifecycle Excellence
Reduce total cost of ownership by improving the reliability, availability, serviceability, integrity, and security of your automation platform.
- Lifecycle Agreement
"Lifecycle Agreement" is an integrated package of solution services that optimizes maintenance by tailoring it to the customer's equipment lifecycle. This program meets diverse needs by creating a lifecycle plan for each customer's system, and based on it, selects and combines the most suitable services from a variety of options. This contributes to the customer’s TCO reduction as well as improve the reliability of the system.

Lifecycle Support Policy
Based on the VigilantPlant concept, Yokogawa provides comprehensive solutions that lead to Operational Excellence. We work with our customers as partners to enhance their safety and security, and to achieve continuous improvements in operations over the entire lifecycle of their plants.

To ensure that our customers are able to derive maximum benefit from our solutions, Yokogawa has defined the following lifecycle support policy:

  • We always strive to provide our customers with products that are based on the latest and most advanced technologies.
  • After delivery, we work with the customer to continuously improve their business operations by making use of our extensive technical and maintenance expertise and our support network.
  • When the sale of a particular product is discontinued, we protect the customer's assets over the entire plant lifecycle. Towards this objective, we tailor a support plan to the needs of each customer.
    (For further information on this, please consult your local Yokogawa sales and service office: Worldwide Locations)

Free Plant Analysis

“Profit Finder” is an easy-to-use tool for Free Plant Analysis.