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Company Overview

Message from Top Management

President Since its establishment in 1960, Yokogawa Denshikiki Co., Ltd. has been serving its customers by providing quality equipment and services for defense, aviation and aerospace, marine navigation, environmental measurement, and other applications. We sincerely thank our customers for their guidance and support over the years.

Yokogawa Denshikiki will continue striving to meet its customers’ diverse requirements by:
- Providing a timely and stable supply of highly suitable products and services
- Ensuring that its solutions keep pace with rapid innovations in technology and the accelerating trend toward globalization.

Yokogawa Denshikiki also aims to:
- Be a flexible, proactive, and creative business partner in these turbulent times that builds trust by always taking the customers’ perspective
- Contribute to society and work towards a bright and peaceful future by pursuing initiatives to protect the environment and reduce energy consumption.

We would be grateful for your continued guidance and support.

Fujii Takashi, President

Yokogawa Denshikiki Co., Ltd.