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Yokogawa Solution Service Corporation




Corporate History

April 2013 Yokogawa Solution Service Corporation established
Yokogawa Solution Service Corporation established
2010 Measurement business was integrated into Yokogawa Meters & Instruments Corporation
2008 Formed Yokogawa Solutions Corporation, after Yokogawa Information Systems Corporation was merged with Yokogawa Control Engineering Corporation
2006 Yokogawa Control Engineering Corporation established
2005 Yokogawa Electric International Pte. Ltd. Established in Singapore
2004 Formed Yokogawa Field Engineering Service Corporation, through merger with Yokogawa Engineering Service Corporation
2003 Yokogawa Information Systems Corporation established
2000 Construction business was transferred from Yokogawa System Construction Corporation
1999 Yokogawa Field Engineering Corporation established
1986 The company name was changed to Yokogawa Electric Corporation
1983 The company name was changed to Yokogawa Hokushin Electric Corporation after Hokushin Electric Works, Ltd. was merged
1975 Released CENTUM, the world's first distributed process control system
1920 Incorporated as Yokogawa Electric Works Ltd
1915 Tamisuke Yokogawa, Doctor of Architectural Engineering, established an electric meter research institute in Shibuya, Tokyo