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Yokogawa Solution Service Corporation



Message from the Top Management


While our customers once were mainly focused on supporting economic development in Japan, they now are rapidly shifting technologies and production operations outside the country. Hence, domestic demand that once was driven by new plant construction and expansion is now focusing on investment in existing facilities for such purposes as enhancing safety, making overall operations more efficient, and improving energy efficiency.

To provide our customers optimum solutions and services, Yokogawa Solution Service Corporation was established in April 2013 by integrating the Japan sales and engineering functions of Yokogawa Electric Corporation, the maintenance service function of Yokogawa Field Engineering Service Corporation, and the information engineering function of Yokogawa Solutions Corporation.

We provide optimum solutions and services ranging from consulting and systems integration to maintenance and management information systems engineering. Backed by Yokogawa’s deep and extensive international network, we provide our customers the support they need to capitalize on opportunities in the global marketplace.

With our leading-edge technologies and emphasis on providing solutions and services that meet specific needs, we are committed to being a trusted business partner that our customers can rely on.

President sign

Hitoshi Nara
President and Chief Executive Officer