Quality Management

Quality First Approach

Since the establishment, we have implemented our quality management system across all processes, as we are convinced that Quality First Approach is the basis of customer satisfaction. All the main Group companies have attained ISO9001 certification starting with Yokogawa Electric in 1992 and working on delivery of the same quality worldwide.

In addition, we always heed the voices of our customers to offer high-quality products and solutions, and aim to create new values with our customers.

The basic quality policy

  1. Quality management is carried out in order to implement customer focus based on "Quality First," which is the spirit of foundation, and "Healthy and Profitable Management" through improvements in management quality.
  2. Products that meet statutory and regulatory requirements as well as customer requirements are supplied.
  3. Appropriate quality management systems conforming to the International Standard ISO 9001 requirements are established and implemented. In addition, the effectiveness of those systems is continually improved.
  4. Customer requirements are fulfilled and customer satisfaction is increased through the results of quality activities in all organizations and personnel. For this purpose, each employee must feel that the quality of his or her work has a direct bearing on product quality, and that the company believes in "Quality First".
  5. The head of each organization is responsible for the quality of the relevant businesses. The responsibilities include ensuring that adequate resources are made available.