CENTUM VP Release Information

Release 6

Revision R6.06 (July 2018)

  1. Control system virtualization platform
  2. Updating of software while FCS is operating
  3. Ability to quickly perform minor modifications to applications software
  4. Compatible with the latest server operating system

Revision R6.05 (October 2017)

  1. CP471 processor module with Yokogawa-developed system LSI
  2. Reduced test time for the AD Suite integrated engineering environment

Revision R6.04 (March 2017)

  1. New N-IO module dedicated for digital signals Add N-IO signal adaptor line up
  2. Windows 10 support
  3. Ring network topology support
  4. Strengthening security

Revision R6.03 (May 2016)

  1. N-IO for RIO System Upgrade
  2. Existing CENTUM CS, CENTUM CS 1000, CENTUM CS 3000 with RIO system are enable easy upgrade to CENTUM VP.
  3. Reuse existing cabinets, terminal blocks and field cable.
  4. Application software is highly-compatible.

Revision 6.02 (December 2015)

  1. The trend function is enhanced: The number of pens per single trend graph and the number of tags to be displayed per HIS have been increased. The real-time trend function displays the past long-term trend data in a continuous line in the same window with the real time trend.
  2. The alarm function is enhanced: Handing over of the less urgent alarm notifications temporarily set aside by operators of the current shift to the next shift is ensured.
  3. The integration with ProSafe®-RS R4.01 is supported: CENTUM VP R6.02 allows monitoring of the N-IO (Network I/O) of ProSafe-RS R4.01 on the human machine interface (HMI).

Revision 6.01 (November 2014)

  1. N-IO(Network I/O): A field I/O device with a versatile I/O module that can handle multiple types of I/O signals.
  2. FieldMate™ Validator: A software tool that is used with N-IO devices to check field device wiring and verify that the device operates correctly
  3. Automation Design Suite (AD Suite): A first-of-its-kind integrated engineering environment that goes beyond traditional DCS engineering functionality

Release 5

Revision 5.04 (July 2014)

  1. Alarm functions are enhanced. Alarm sounds are selected from wider varieties; tag/alarm marks are intuitively recognized by the priorities by their shapes and colors; and on/off-delay function is added to suspend alarm generations for a given length of time.
  2. Recipe builder (procedure builder) of VP Batch functions have been renewed with user-friendly GUI.

Revision 5.03 (June 2013)

  1. Wide Area Communication Router (WAC Router) is newly released to enable a CENTUM VP system to remotely monitor and control equipment over a wide area network (WAN) established via public or satellite networks while maintaining a high reliability and security.
  2. Based on the ISA-88 international standard, VP Batch, the Batch Management packages, is enhanced allowing more flexibility when accommodating changes in batch procedures.
  3. Communication with Intelligent Electronic Devices (IEDs), IEC 61850 protocol controllers, is supported which allows better integration with power plant operations and electrical facilities.
  4. Operation Keyboard for eight-loop simultaneous operation is newly released to make it easier for plant operators to perform their tasks with dedicated function keys for the control of eight control loops.

Revision 5.02 (June 2012)

  1. A function to use tag names to create hierarchies is added, accommodating certain requirements of the VGB R 170C operational guideline.
  2. A new ALP121 PROFIBUS communication module is released supporting the use of redundant communication paths with subsystems.

Revision 5.01.20 (March 2012)

  1. Support for the use of a dual-redundant unified gateway station (UGS) that interfaces between CENTUM VP and other control systems has been added.

Revision 5.01 (August 2011)

  1. A new controller has been released with expanded memory capacity and faster processing speed.
  2. The consolidated alarm management software (CAMS for HIS) is enhanced.

Release 4

Revision 4.03 (November 2010)

  1. Security functions are enhanced.
  2. A new batch management package is released.
  3. HART communication support function is improved.

Revision 4.02.30  (June 2010)

  1. ISA100.11a-complied field wireless communication package software is released.

Revision 4.02(November 2009)

  1. Information visibility is enhanced.
  2. The consolidated alarm management software (CAMS for HIS) is enhanced.
  3. A new FOUNDATION™ fieldbus engineering function is added.
  4. Integration with ProSafe-RS safety instrumented system is supported.

Revision 4.01(February 2008)

  1. CENTUM VP, a new generation of CENTUM series is launched succeeding the CENTUM CS 3000 and CENTUM CS 1000.
  2. Turbomachinery control module is released targeting boiler control for power plants.

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