JUXTA VJ Series Limit Alarms

The VJ series limit alarms are compact, plug-in type alarm setting devices with easy-to-use functions. Five models are available: the VJAK for 2-wire system transmitters; the VJHK with DC voltage/DC current inputs; the VJRK with RTD inputs; the VJTK with thermocouple inputs; and the VJUK with universal inputs.

  • Alarm output signal
    2 point alarm (relay a, contact. 2 points)
  • Parameter setting
    Each parameter setting can be changed using a PC (VJ77 PC-based parameters setting tool) or Handy Terminal (JHT200).
Construction Compact plug-in type (Main unit with Socket)
Mounting Method: Wall, DIN rail, or dedicated VJ mounting base mountings
Connection Method: M3 screw terminal
External Dimension: Limit Alarm: 76×29.5×124.5 mm (H×W×D)
VJCE Base: 130×482.6×121 or 177×482.6×121 mm (H×W×D)


VJ Mounting Base

Model Product Name Descriptions
VJCE VJ Mounting Base The multiple mounting base for VJ Series, mixed and housed up to 16 converters, JIS/EIA standards rack-mounting dimensions.


Limit Alarms

Model Product Name Input Type Output Type Descriptions
VJAK Limit Alarm (with Transmitter Power Supply) DC current Alarm output 2 outputs type
VJHK Limit Alarm DC current or DC voltage Alarm output 2 outputs type
VJRK RTD Alarm output 2 outputs type
VJTK Thermocouple Alarm output 2 outputs type
VJUK Limit Alarm (DC, temperature input type) Universal
(DC voltage/current, thermocouple/RTD, or mV signal)
Alarm output 2 outputs type

【Support Information】List of RoHS

This is a list of recorder and controller products that support the RoHS (2011/65/EU) directive.


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