LL50A Parameter Setting Software

The LL50A Parameters Setting Software is designed to build and set parameters, ladder programs, and the like of the UTAdvanced digital indicating controllers from a PC. The tuning and monitoring of ladder programs are possible during communication with the controllers.

  • Parameter Setting Function
  • Tuning Function
  • Ladder Program Building Function
  • Network Profile Creating Function

Parameter Setting function

Parameter Setting Display

Parameters that determine controller functions can easily be set:

controller model type, controller mode (single-loop control, cascade control, loop control with PV switching, etc.), universal input/output functions, setup parameters and others.

Tuning Function

Tuning Display

Used to tune a controller's PID parameters. Displays measured input value, target setpoint, and control output value as a trend graph on a personal computer screen, allowing PID parameter modification, AUTO/MAN switching, control output modification in manual operation, etc.

Ladder Program Building Function

Ladder Program Building Display

Ladder sequence programs can be created and ladder programs can be monitored.

Network Profile Creation Function

Can be used to create an electronic device data sheet for PROFIBUS-DP communication.

Via Bus Powered USB Cable

Via Bus Powered USB Cable

Can be set parameters while no power supply to controller.

Via Ethernet Communication Connector

Via Ethernet Communication Connector

Via Dedicated Adapter

Via Dedicated AdapterCan be used while attached to the control panel.

  • Applicable Controllers: UT55A, UT52A, UT35A, UT32A
  • Applicable OS: Windows XP/Vista
  • Communication method: USB 1.1

Via RS-485 Communication Terminals

Via RS-485 Communication Terminals

【Support Information】List of RoHS

This is a list of recorder and controller products that support the RoHS (2011/65/EU) directive.

【Support Information】New Legislative Framework (NLF) Conforming Products

This is a list of recorder and controller products that support the New Legislative Framework (NLF.)


Adding the CP calculation option to the advanced UT75A Digital Indicating Controller enables CP (Carbon Potential) control. CP calculation can be carried out with just one line of a UT75A ladder program.

Application Note

The UT55A can come with up to 8 alarm outputs that can control the fans. Ladder sequencing is build in, allowing you to use a timer or other such function to set up a time delay on each output.

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