Industrial IoT

Creating value through OT-IT convergence

In this rapidly changing world, one place where momentous change is being felt is the industrial automation field. Thanks to the advent of big data, cloud computing, the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), Industry 4.0, and artificial intelligence, a digital transformation is underway that is changing every facet of how businesses operate. 

A changing workforce is yet another of the significant challenges that plant management must deal with. As an older generation of skilled and knowledgeable workers retires, the need to pass on that knowledge and expertise to a younger generation of “digital natives” presents a life or death challenge to plant management. 

Here at Yokogawa, we offer IIoT solutions that address such challenges by “synaptically” connecting a plant’s operational technology (OT) and information technology (IT) infrastructure.  

Yokogawa is particularly well known as a provider of high-availability systems for mission critical applications. With an enterprise automation framework that enables the convergence of OT with IT, Yokogawa is able to offer predictive analysis and other tools and techniques that will generate great returns by optimizing plant operations.

Creating value through OT-IT convergence


Yokogawa's IIoT Solutions

With solutions that are categorized as follows based on major concerns that our customers have with the operations at their plants and other facilities, Yokogawa stands ready to create value for its customers:

Solutions that help our customers reduce their energy consumption, control production processes more efficiently, enhance product quality, and improve the efficiency of their supply chains

Cybersecurity and other solutions that can help plants operate safely and securely

Solutions that make use of sensors, big data, and emerging technologies to improve availability and reliability

Consulting services and other solutions that make use of emerging technologies to eliminate human error


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