Enterprise Energy Management Solution

The enterprise energy management of Yokogawa utilizes a range of products and services to help reduce and optimize energy consumption in manufacturing and production facilities. The solution extends the company's energy management capabilities from industrial facilities to the enterprise market, such as commercial and industrial buildings, data centers, and offices. Besides managing the energy consumption of utilities and energy processes, this solution provides functionality for the management of lighting, air quality, and occupancy.


Customer Challenge

Building operations currently account for almost 30% of global final energy use and more than a quarter of energy-related CO2 emissions.* With building energy consumption and CO2 emissions showing every indication that they will continue to rise, many countries have assigned a high priority in their energy policies to the implementation of energy-efficiency strategies. However, many organizations are facing common challenges. 

• Managing multiple decentralized energy solutions platforms can cause data fragmentation, making it difficult to collect or analyze data. 
• Monitoring and modeling the industrial energy process for energy savings.
• On-premise management is a challenge, especially in times of restricted travel.

Through the offering of this cloud-based energy management solution, Yokogawa addresses the compelling needs to reduce energy costs and improve facility process performance.  

Our Solution

The enterprise energy management connects sensors, meters, controllers, building management systems, and other IoT devices through an interoperability framework. With the aggregation and analysis of all energy-related data, EEMS helps energy managers identify underperforming facilities and processes and monitor continuous performance improvement with AI analysis and real-time dashboarding anytime and anywhere. 

Power Management
Centralized power management helps enterprises and industrial clients to view KPIs and the power consumption breakdown. It will identify the major power consumers for further analysis. In addition, through monitoring the real-time power chain and PDU utilization rate, the power chain management provides notifications on additional required power circuits and actionable insights to prevent power trips.

Chiller Water Management
The Chiller Water Management module provides insights into chilled water plant operations. It enables real-time monitoring of chiller plant KPI and alarms and employs machine learning to optimize energy efficiency to achieve ultra-low energy consumption.

Industrial Energy Process Modeling
Energy Process Modeling provides a real-time model-based digital twin for energy supply optimization, KPI calculations, and the multi-period scheduling of utility assets. 

Lighting Management
This intelligent lighting management solution enables remote monitoring, configuration, and control to help you avoid over-illumination, improve tenant comfort, increase productivity, and reduce energy costs.

Air Quality Management
Air quality management optimizes indoor air quality by tracking real-time temperature, humidity, CO2, and pollution levels (PM2.5, PM10) and improve occupant comfort. It also provides the guideline to optimize the ventilation rate in energy savings.  

Occupancy Management
This occupancy management solution optimizes crowd management and provides sustainability and occupant comfort. It also provides the occupancy schedules to optimize the ventilation rate in energy savings. 

Structure of Enterprise Energy Management System


Customer Benefits

• Cloud-based centralized management dashboard for easy decision making for energy savings
• Improve performance with predictive analytics in buildings and industries 
• Reduce operational cost by optimizing power consumption and cooling in energy efficiency
• Increase visibility and collaboration with integrated infrastructure monitoring
• Rapid and non-disruptive deployment in both new and existing facilities.
• Flexibility to scale up across regions.

Key features of Enterprise Energy Management Solution


Key features of Enterprise Energy Management Solution for smartphone

* The United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) (2019), 2019 Global Status Report for the Buildings and Construction Sector

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