OpreX Safety and Security

Comprehensive solutions that utilize the strategy of defense in depth and our safety & security lifecycle approach to minimize the safety and security risks for our customers' systems.

What is Yokogawa's approach towards minimizing risks and maximizing corporate values?

Achieving operational excellence in your plant needs effective risk control and management for both safety and security. To help our customers continue their industrial operations safely and securely, Yokogawa provides comprehensive solutions and services based on defense in depth strategy. We focus on delivering long-term lifecycle services while understanding customers' challenges and working continuously for improvements in a close partnership. Yokogawa follows one overall objective: to minimize risk and maximize corporate values according to our self-commitment as a lifecycle value partner. Yokogawa aims to become your #1 trusted partner and achieve long-term, stable, and secure operations.

Yokogawa is seeing customer's plants as important as a human body.

  • Software Based Solution Sustainable SIS

    Sustainable SIS is een op software gebaseerde oplossing voor het optimaliseren en verbeteren van de procesveiligheid, geïntegreerd met ProSafe-RS en ProSafe-SLS. Het zorgt voor altijd groene veiligheidsprestaties met optimale OPEX (Operating Expense) gedurende de gehele veiligheidslevenscyclus.

  • Product mededelingen

    Announcements, notices, advisory reports and other information supporting the safe and efficient use of Yokogawa products.


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