OpreX Analyzers

A group of analyzer products that accurately measure physical properties such as chemical composition, pH, and conductivity with excellent reproducibility, and convert this data into digital form. With their high precision and high reliability, these sensing solutions help to improve operating efficiency and safety and protect the environment.

  • Gas Analyzers

    Real-time gas analysis enhances efficiency, safety, throughput, product quality, and ensures environmental compliance.

  • Liquid Analyzers

    Liquid analyzers are used for monitoring process chemistry including water quality, providing process optimization and control.

  • Analyzer Systeem

    Een geïntegreerd proces-analysesysteem biedt oplossingen voor gas- en vloeistofmetingen ter bevordering van de productveredeling, de procesefficiëntie en de veiligheid.



Applicatie informatie

Problems at the wet end of a paper machine can rarely be corrected down stream. That is why monitoring and controlling pH in pulp stock is critical to the paper making process. Essentially, at every stage in the manufacture of paper, correct pH values play a vital role. Variations in the pH value at the head box have a negative effect on the quality of the paper produced.


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