Completion of Energy Conservation Demonstration Project in China's Guangdong Province

Tokyo, Japan - April 27, 2021

Last month, work was concluded on a three and a half year project in China that demonstrated how technologies developed in Japan could help other countries make significant reductions in energy consumption and improve production efficiency. Commissioned by Japan's New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization and conducted in cooperation with China's National Development and Reform Commission, this project drew on the combined expertise and capabilities of Yokogawa Electric Corporation, the Japan Research Institute, and the Tokyo Electric Power Company.

The facilities chosen for this demonstration were an aluminum plant operated by Guangdong Huachang Aluminum Company and a textile mill operated by Pacific (Panyu) Textiles Ltd.To make these plants more energy efficient and improve their response to shifts in energy demand, the project partners introduced a factory energy management platform (FEMP®) and installed energy efficient heat pumps, spiral heat exchangers, and turbo chillers.

In addition to providing guidance on how energy can be supplied in a more energy efficient manner, the FEMP can analyze and make recommendations on how to make production processes more energy efficient. It has also been demonstrated in simulations that the FEMPs at the two plants can be linked to enable an aggregated demand response and optimize energy efficiency while minimizing disruptions to production.

The project has produced a number of impressive results to date and exceeded initial targets, achieving annual energy savings of 11,432 kiloliters of crude oil equivalent and a 30,781 t-CO2 reduction in greenhouse gas emissions. In addition, improvements to production processes yielded a ¥206.4 million annual reduction in costs.

Going forward, the project participants will use the solutions installed at these two sites to demonstrate and explain their effectiveness and thereby promote their use in the Chinese market.

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