Webinar: OpreX Profit- Driven Operation

Dates: Aug 17, 2020
Location: WebEx Online | 12:00 PM
Website: https://yokogawa.webex.com/yokogawa/onstage/g.php?MTID=e16f30bfffed99e8fc32947b32da612a0

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Key Challenges in Performance Management

  • KPI disconnection b/w C-level and Working-level causes silo
  • Partial KPI combination causes partial optimization
  • KPI is focused on reporting to C-level
  • Working-level is conservative about profit-driven operation
  • Unsustainable performance improvement cycle

Do you face the above Challenges in Performance Management? If yes, kindly join our Webinar on Profit Driven Operation which is a cutting-edge solution for Integrated Performance Management (IPM) and helps all customer personnel from C-level to working-level to monitor and control operation performance indicators in real time.