Permit to Work

Permit To Work

Permit To Work (PTW) is a formal communication system for risk identification, management & control, and communication. PTW systems are used in hazardous industries to request, review, authorize, document and most importantly deconflict tasks to be carried out by front line workers.

PTW is a core element in integrating safe industrial systems, including Risk Assessment and Isolation Planning. Integrated safety systems enable As Low As Reasonably Practicable (ALARP) reduction of unsafe activities in non-trivial work environments. PTW adherence is essential to achieve Process Safety Management.

Permit to Work is a module of Yokogawa's fully integrated Operations Management System.

Customer Challenge

Challenges that Come with the Paper Based Permit-To-Work Systems

  • Geographically distributed: Hard for all teams to be aware of pending and current permits.
  • Ability to reference other permits: Ensuring all staff are aware of related work that may impact team safety
  • Auditability: OHS staff must manually review all paper based documentation
  • Assurance of permit consistency: Automatic field validation
  • Permit and tag writing effort: Manually completing multiple copies of documentation for respective teams
PTW Work Flow
PTW Over View

Our Solutions

Real-time Production Organizer - Production Instructor VP

Permit to Work is just one of the available modules in our operation management product solution RPO Production Instructor VP. The key features of Permit to Work module are as below:

  • Fully customizable data fields for permit types and content
  • Fully customizable Permit to Work workflows
  • Customizable formats for hardcopy permits
  • Integration with CMMS

Customer Benefits

Efficiency Gains by Moving to Digital PTW

  • Reduced manual entry leads to reduced application time
  • Automated cross-checking and form completion leads to more time-on-the-job
  • Electric distribution and reduced manual entry lead to Faster approval process
  • The ability to check permits issued in the same production area leads to identification of work conflicts
  • Added logbooks. shift handover reports, and emailing to staff are all a result of automated distribution to all relevant staff
PTW Detail View
Operations Management

Enabling Technology

Operations Management System

Yokogawa’s Operations Management System helps to ensure Safe and Reliable Operations by digitizing necessary information for Operation Management Practices. This results in improved productivity through standardized work practices, streamlined processes, plus improved communications and coordination across departments.


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