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Central East Europe




Highlights of Yokogawa's History

Tamisuke Yokogawa, Doctor of Architectural Engineering, established an electric meter research institute in Shibuya, Tokyo with Ichiro Yokogawa and Shin Aoki.
First to produce and sell electric meters in Japan.
Started research and manufacture of aircraft instruments and flow, temperature, and pressure controllers.
Established Electrofact in the Netherlands.
Signed a technical assistance agreement for industrial instruments with Foxboro, USA.
Established Yokogawa Electric Works, Inc. as North American sales office.
Made a full-scale entry into the industrial analyzer market.
Established Electrofact Gesellschaft m.b.H. in Vienna, Austria.
Established Yokogawa Electric Singapore Pte. Ltd. as Singapore plant.
Established Yokogawa Electric (Europe) B. V. as European sales office.
Released CENTUM, the world's first distributed process control system.
Acquisition of Electrofact.
Formed Yokogawa Hokushin Electric Corp. through merger with Hokushin Electric Works, Ltd.
To further establish the corporate identity, the company name was changed to Yokogawa Electric Corporation and the trademark to wird zu .
Entered the high- frequency measuring instrument business.
Opening Representative Office in Bratislava, Slovakia.
Opening Representative Office in Ostrava, Czech Republic.
Opening Yokogawa Hungary Ltd. in Budapest, Hungary.
Yokogawa Electrofact Gesellschaft m.b.H. changed to Yokogawa GesmbH.
Acquired 100% of Ando Electric's stock.
Established Yokogawa Electric International Pte. Ltd. in Singapore to oversee global industrial automation business.
Opening Yokogawa Sales Offices in Brno and Prague, Czech Republic.
Opening Yokogawa Branch Office in Sofia, Bulgaria.
Transferred the measuring instruments business to Yokogawa Meters & Instruments.
Formed Yokogawa Solution Service Corporation to handle sales, engineering, and services for the Japan industrial automation business.
Opening Yokogawa Branch Office in Belgrad, Serbia.
Announced “Transformation 2017” Mid-term Business Plan.
Acquisition of KBC Advanced Technologies and Industrial Knowledge.