In a business environment fraught with ever more complex market demands, intensifying competition, frenetic technological advancement and the birth of a host of new business models, serving as a solutions provider requires us to assist our customers in resolving numerous potential needs. Yokogawa believes that achieving true understanding of these needs is the first step toward becoming a partner whom our customers rely on to navigate an increasingly arduous path.
To this end, we have introduced an industrial automation business concept we call
“Synaptic Business Automation.”

Today industrial automation requires taking full advantage of IT to effect enhanced efficiency and optimization beyond traditional control-level automation across the entire operation to include management and the supply chain. In order for customers to heighten their competitiveness and realize steady growth, they must ensure profitability across the entire lifecycle and achieve sustainability in their operations, given the growing diversity in the nature of issues they face as the environment surrounding their business continues to evolve.

One common issue which all corporations face regardless of industry is competition, which continuously grows more intense. The market presents new challenges on a daily basis beyond the ongoing introduction of new technologies, products and services—not the smallest of which is the rapid evolution of digital technology, which has assumed a vital role in present-day industrial automation. Beginning with the replacement of electromechanical relays with Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs) many years ago, the advancement of digital technology in parallel with IT has contributed significantly to increased convenience and efficiency. Improving management efficiency and constructing new business models by deftly riding the wave of digitization and promoting automation are absolutely essential elements in today’s competitive environment.

Broad-scale adoption of digitalization is not without its hazards, however—it entails considerable risk, such as the potential leaking of customer-related or technological information, as well as IT security risk. Just as today the purchase and installation of security software is a given for individual computers, business demands caution at the same level—and higher, as customers have security-related risks that are unique to their business.

Changing Market Demands are Dictating the Latest Evolution in Automation

Key elements of effective plant management today include the ability to respond flexibly to fluctuations in market competitiveness, increased profitability, the application of digital technology and security countermeasures. Likewise, demands for vendors in the industrial automation space are also seeing swift changes. And as our transition into this new era continues, it’s only natural that businesses are actively reinventing themselves—many corporations are morphing from purveyors of simple products and maintenance services into providers of comprehensive solutions crafted to directly address customer pain points.

Under the “Synaptic Business Automation” concept, Yokogawa aspires to become the company customers can trust when it comes to the provision of all-encompassing solutions. “Synaptic” is an adjective that describes the intersection of neurons, and just as it defines organic transmission of information to all parts of the body, under our concept it represents the unfettered sharing of information across data, systems, organizational, knowledge and supply chain. And “Business Automation” transcends traditional control-level automation to express the automation of operations and business processes, thereby contributing to enhanced business value for our customers. More detail >>

Changing Market Demands are Dictating the Latest Evolution in Automation

“Synaptic Business Automation” will help ensure increased business value and growth for our customers through the achievement of highly flexible, resilient operations, and an optimized production system that naturally supports collaboration, as well as improved profitability and enhanced sustainability. More detail >>

The method employed by Yokogawa toward this objective is the implementation of the Continuous Value Creation Cycle. Levels of collaboration previously thought unrealistic can be achieved by fully capitalizing on the various functions that under our method are categorized into Identify, Create & Implement, Operate and Sustain & Improve. More detail >>

Yokogawa’s efforts go even beyond this—we also actively promote *OT-IT convergence based on our co-innovation concept and the extensive knowledge we have accumulated over many years. With the goals of achieving synergy with our own proprietary automation technology and bringing the objectives of our new industrial automation business concept to fruition, we acquired three companies—KBC Advanced Technologies, Industrial Evolution and Soteica Visual Mesa—and are proactively collaborating with other IT firms.
*OT:Operational Technology More detail >>

Organically connected automation is not limited to a single plant—it also leads to collaboration with and optimization of the supply chain, and eventually to contributions to the societal system. While walking hand in hand with customers and striving to support them in their quest for growth, Yokogawa is in the process of transforming itself from its role as a provider of systems and services into an entity firmly embedded in the synaptic network of society.

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