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  • Data Historian

    Acquiring data from all facets of a process and transforms that data into easily usable, high-value, widely distributed information.

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  • Optimization

    Integrate big data to optimize plant data and develop optimal setpoint targets with real-time optimization.

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  • Logistics

    Software solutions to improve asset and energy management and optimize production and inventory management.

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  • Data Connectivity

    Extend the power of data historian with business and process data accessed and transferred to other management systems and interfaces.

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  • Movement Monitoring (VisaOM)

    A core element of the model-based mPower application suite, VisaOM (Movement Monitoring) is designed to track raw materials, feed-stocks and products through an entire plant for continuous and batch-based processes.

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  • Power Performance Calculations (Exaquantum/PPC)

    Power plant operators have been analyzing plant performance for many years using a variety of techniques. This information has typically been available to only a select number of users such as process engineers, leaving the broader community oblivious to this important information.

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  • Downtime Analytics (Exaquantum/DTA)

    Planned production is often compromised by unplanned Downtime incidents and sub-optimal production rates that are not quantified in terms of Time, Rate Loss and the associated Reasons. Without this quantifiable information there is no way to consistently identify potential downtime causes and to assign activities to make the necessary improvements avoiding future lost production.

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Yokogawa provided an integrated and comprehensive solution for ethylene cracking process optimization.

SMOC APC controller improved control level of ethylene cracking unit and reduced operators workload.


Yokogawa provided CENTUM DCS, APC, Exapilot, and Exaquantum for migration project at Juhua Group's methane chloride plant.

The entire management and optimization solution contributes to improving economic benefits, plant safety, quality, etc.



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