Monitoring Chemical, Gas, and Electricity Usage in Factories


DAQWORX Data Acquisition Software Suite helps the administrative department collect and monitor data on each section of the factory, including data on the usage of chemicals, gas, and electricity. A user-developed program written in Visual Basic, Excel macro, etc., transforms such usage data into an easily viewable daily report for efficient operation of the whole factory.

Figure 1 Hardware Configuration

Figure 1 Hardware Configuration

Figure 2 Data Processing Procedure

Figure 2 Data Processing Procedure


  • DAQWORX monitors and records instantaneous flow rate data from JUXTA and instantaneous power data from POWERCERT in minimum intervals of 1 second.* The trend graph, bar graph, digital meter, etc., are readily available for use, so no programming work is necessary for them, thereby enabling quick system construction.
    * The number of connected units and that of channels could affect the minimum interval of data acquisition (DAQWORX DAQLOGGER can collect data from up to 1600 channels).
  • While DAQWORX integrates instantaneous flow rate data from JUXTA, it acquires cumulative integrated energy data from POWERCERT. The integrated data are saved as a report file in the text or Excel format every hour on the hour. Such files are very useful for daily reports.
    * For example, a user can develop a report program in Visual Basic or Excel macro that opens 25 report files created by DAQWORX every hour on the hour, from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 a.m. of the next day, in order to compute the usage for each hour in a 24-hour period. Such usage data can be arbitrarily arranged and presented in a daily report for printing.


Zugehörige Produkte & Lösungen


DAQWORX ist die vorherige Generation der Datenerfassungssoftware und mit den meisten Aufzeichnungsgeräten, Datenerfassungsgeräten, Temperaturreglern und Messinstrumenten von Yokogawa kompatibel. 


PR300 is a panel-mounted meter designed to meet two user needs: a power facility meter and a meter for monitoring energy consumption.


UPM100 / UPM101 is a compact power monitor that can measure 15 items such as electricity energy with 1 unit.


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