Lucite InternationalCENTUM VP Batch Replaces Legacy System and Improves Production Efficiency at Acrylic PlantExecutive SummaryLucite International is the world’s largest producer of acrylic monomers, and the company’s plant in Darwen, England produces high quality acrylics for use primarily in bathroom and kitchen fittings. The plant formerly relied on a Honeywell PlantScape Batch control system that ran on Windows NT4 servers. Due to the difficulties of maintaining this legacy system, Lucite opted for its replacement. Through this change, the company aimed to achieve continuous improvements in the areas of plant safety, worker health, environmental protection, and cost performance. Toward this end, Lucite evaluated the system reliability, lifetime support, and engineering capability of various control system vendors and decided on a Yokogawa CENTUM VP solution. Yokogawa United Kingdom successfully installed this system within a short period of time.The Challenges and the SolutionsProject executionDue to the age and condition of the legacy system, the project team could not find the existing system configuration and detail specifications by proper documentations. However, by working through the system one section at a time, Yokogawa and Lucite engineers were able to collect all of the configuration data and transfer it to CENTUM VP. This approach allowed Yokogawa to develop an excellent relationship with the Lucite project team and gave Lucite confidence in Yokogawa’s capabilities as a solution provider. As a result of careful planning and preparation, the project team was able during a short 14-day plant shutdown period in September 2008 to remove the PlantScape system and install, start up, and commission the new CENTUM VP system. Plant InformationLocation: Lancashire, UKOrder date:January 2008Completion:September 2008System configurationChemical (Base Chemical, Fertilizer, Petrochemical)19Success Story Collection



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