Efficient batch operationsThe overall competency of Yokogawa’s engineering team, particularly in the area of batch applications, was well appreciated by the Lucite project team. The CENTUM VP Batch package can handle everything from recipe management to batch report handling and unit management. Its capabilities are superior to those of the system that it replaced, and it is much easier for the Lucite engineers to use, ensuring error-free batch operations. The package has a function that shows the operation procedure, current step, and current phase during normal operations, ensuring very high production efficiency and safe operation. In addition, the ergonomic design of the CENTUM VP human machine interface (HIS) helps improve operation efficiency. Lucite is very happy with the high reliability, availability, and flexibility of the CENTUM VP system, and has experienced no major system failures since this system was started up in the fall of 2008.Integration with weighing systemIntegration with the weighing system in use at this plant is very important for batch operations. The weighing data is essential for the tracking of batch operations and management of raw materials. Data from the weighing system is received via a Profibus interface. An operator can monitor this on a graphic display and confirm its status before starting a batch operation. The visualization of all operation data helps improve quality. Customer SatisfactionRay Jones, a Technology Manager, had the following to say about the new system: ”Yokogawa’s CENTUM is a very flexible system and easy to use. Settings for control strategy changes, recipe settings for new products, and other modifications can be easily configured from an engineering station in the engineering department.”Mr. Jones added, “We are planning to upgrade the existing safety system and to integrate all systems in our plant for safer operations and more sustainable manufacturing. We have a five-year engineering service contract with Yokogawa and are working closely together with them.” After (CENTUM VP HMI)Before (Legacy system)Success Story Collection20Lucite International / UK



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