The BenefitsDue to the natural differences between individuals, each operator will do the same job differently, although manual standard operating procedures are available. Although the operators did their best, issues were raised regarding the consistency of the operations during grade changes.By using Yokogawa’s Exapilot, Safripol were able to eliminate product variations and kept the operations consistent, thereby reducing operational costs drastically by eliminating “off spec” products during transitions. Safripol also uses Exapilot in order to facilitate operator training regarding grade changes - The available modes allow the new employees to run a procedure without influencing the plant.Exapilot also allows the assessment of procedures to ensure flawless execution.An Exapilot report is available in order to give a step by step report of every action taken, in order to track the procedure from start to end. Customer Satisfaction Here are some comments from the operators;”It gives me more time to concentrate on other plant related issues, while the Exapilot takes care of the grade change.” “It ensures consistency of grade changes.“ “It eliminates the inconsistency introduced by new operators”“It provides an opportunity to test run procedures/sequences to get a feel for the effects it may have on the process before making permanent changes to the logics.” “Valuable operational knowledge is not lost due to natural migration of older employees.”And finally, the Process Information Engineer commented about Exapilot as follows.-It’s an electronic tool that combines the knowledge of the process Engineer and the Super operator into an interactive, electronic procedure which communicates with the DCS and does exactly what the procedure require, every time and without any deviations.-It reads from the DCS, compare variables with specific values and if satisfied carries on and write values or actions to the DCS, without any required action from the operator, but if required conditions are not met, the procedure does not continue.-It‘s main purpose is to take the complicated repetitive tasks out of the hands of the operator, in order for him to concentrate on the rest of the plant.-This is your ultimate operator – highly skilled and does not show any complications associated with a normal working force.Quality MeasurementsGrade change procedureOperational windowFinal product Xylene Soluble content measured by NMR – Before ExaPilotDifficult to coordinate two contradicting process settings during grade change (C2 increase vs Donor increase) Poor consistencyFinal product Xylene Soluble content measured by NMR – After ExaPilotExcellent coordination and repetitiveness facilitated by ExaPilotSuccess Story Collection26Safripol / South Africa



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