The ResultsThe TAS implementation has brought several positive effects such as 25% more loading actions per day, fewer input errors by operators, completely automated administration, and clear reporting to management. Moreover, truck drivers who drive back and forth to the harbor every day no longer need to get out of their trucks. They only need to hold an identification badge in front of the loading panel’s card reader to start the automatic loading process. In addition, the TAS provides many supplementary capabilities. A large variety of data is configured and verified for various purposes. For instance, when drivers enter their final destination on the loading panel’s touch screen, the maximum allowable load is determined automatically, fully in accordance with the ADR guidelines which are applicable throughout Europe. This is a standard feature with Terminal Logistic Suite VP and it ensures that end-users, producers, and truck drivers do not need to worry about the prospect of being fined for exceeding weight limits.OCI NitrogenEach bay has a multi-language scoreboard giving guidance to the truck driver on bay assignment, ordered weight, loading progress, etc. All bays are furnished with a loading panel equipped with a touch screen, intercom, barcode reader, card reader, and emergency button. No need anymore for the drivers to get out of their trucks. All components are integrated into Yokogawa's terminal automation system. Chemical (Base Chemical, Fertilizer, Petrochemical)33Success Story Collection



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