Remarkable and Unique Solutions that Produce ResultsProject Sulphos was successfully completed and the Yokogawa CENTUM CS 3000 is now running both the old and new phosphoric acid plants as well as the new sulfuric acid plant. And Yokogawa’s contribution is not limited to replacement of the DCS; Foskor Richards Bay has also implemented the following unique solutions in its new production systems:-Radio telemetry link between an effluent pumping station and the CS3000-Remote login function that enables the customer’s engineers to access CS3000 engineering stations from home-Maximum demand load controller that protects a steam turbine co-generator-Modbus interface link to remote telemetry and to feeder protection relays-Wonderware INSOL8.0 long-term data historian that performs data collection via the Yokogawa Exaopc interface and provides trend data and reports via the company network and email Foskor Richards Bay expects in the near future to complete installation of the CENTUM CS 3000 at its old sulfuric acid plants and at the granular fertilizer plant. It also plans to work closely with Yokogawa and Industrial Automation & Controlto link its production operations with a manufacturing execution system.Through the course of this very successful project, Foskor Richards Bay and Yokogawa have built a strong relationship, and this has been a positive factor in motivating and obtaining a greater contribution from the personnel involved. Yokogawa is proud to have had the opportunity to take part in this prestigious project.Success Story Collection36FOSKOR Richards Bay / South Africa



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