The Challenges and the SolutionsCentral control room designPTT AR needs higher efficient operation, so based on their daily work flow in the existing operation, Yokogawa Thailand proposed a design of a new central control room based on the ergonomics deign experiences. This new control room design contributes to improve the operation, productivity for further sustainable manufacturing as well as safety operation.Smooth MigrationPTT AR needs to minimize the plant shut down period. PTT AR project member and Yokogawa’s engineers were in “One Team” and the project member completed the hot cutover without any stop of the plant operation.The biggest man hour spending part in this replacement project is to convert the existing graphic displays more than 200 pages into the new system. Yokogawa Thailand effectively used the conversion tool and reduced the lot of the engineering time. So the FAT was very smoothly executed without any big problems and the migration work is flawlessly executed.Plant per formance monitoringPTT AR needs to use the existing APCs continuously, because the benefit from this APC is remarkable.All plant real time data are collected by PI and the plant performance is calcurated in this package and is always monitored and clearly visualized by the production members.This plant performance data is used for the analysis of the product quality and the improvement through a plant lifecycle operation.Customer SatisfactionAccording to production manager, “ We are very proud of using Yokogawa’s production control system. We are now operating this aromatics plant 24 hours/7 days for whole year without stopping. We are working together with Yokogawa for further sustainable manufacturing. Yokogawa is solution provider company and Yokogawa is one of best partner company for us”Central control roomSuccess Story Collection46PTT Aromatic and Refining Public Company Limited / Thailand



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