A closer look at some of the product solutions provided by Yokogawa follows.•Process data management is a key issue in the petrochemical complex because plant efficiency needs to be continuously monitored to prevent the occurrence of major problems that can lead to costly plant shutdowns. Once a shutdown occurs, a lot of work and energy must be expended to start it up again. Yokogawa’s Exaquantum helps to prevent this by providing a window into the various processes at this huge complex by continuously analyzing their data. •Maintenance of thousands of HART devices throughout the refinery and petrochemical facilities would be very time consuming if field operators had to check them one at a time. With Yokogawa’s PRM package, operators can determine at a glance whether field devices from Yokogawa and other vendors are in good working order. This allows a much more efficient proactive maintenance approach that results in significant savings in maintenance costs.•For more efficient engineering work, CENTUM CS 3000 engineering stations and other vendor’s engineering stations are all together located in this room. On-Line maintenance capability of CS 3000 is very much appreciated by SSTPC engineering department.•Process engineers are always looking for the best control strategy to improve production efficiency and product quality. They need to confirm the current process situation and identify whether a new strategy can achieve the desired improvements. SSTPC engineers do this in the second floor system room.Customer SatisfactionZhang Senlin, Vice Deputy Director of the Equipment Managing Department, said, “We are very much proud that this huge refinery and petrochemical complex has been running very smoothly without any major problems since January 2010. We appreciate Yokogawa’s project members working together as “One Team.” We completed all configuration based on the same standard specifications and procedures. And we appreciate the easy configuration of the CENTUM CS 3000 system and its high reliability. It will bring huge savings in maintenance of the entire system.” PRM for proactive maintenancePlant wide engineering roomThe central control room for petrochemical plantsOptimizing productionSuccess Story Collection48SINOPEC SABIC Tianjin Petorochemical Co., Ltd. / China



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