Plant InformationLocation: Dayawan, Huizhou, China Order date:November 2003Completion:December 2005CNOOC and Shell Petrochemicals Company LimitedYokogawa MAS Controls Product Movement and Distribution at Huge Petrochemical ComplexExecutive SummaryThe CNOOC and Shell Petrochemicals Company Limited (CSPC) complex at Dayawan in Huizhou, China produces 2.3 million tpa of various petrochemicals. This facility’s diverse logistics and complex oil and solid product distribution and movement are controlled and managed by a Yokogawa movement automation system (MAS). The MAS is the backbone of logistical operations involving the loading/unloading of 250 trucks each day and 60 ships per month for delivery sales and the downstream shipment of products to outside the fence (OTF) companies for OTF pipeline sales. The unique design and engineering of this complex has been a key factor behind the efficient and fully optimized management of CSPC’s logistics. With its seamless interface to the customer’s enterprise resource planning system (ERP), this MAS has enabled CSPC to efficiently and cost effectively load/unload a variety of products/materials.The MAS system used by CSPC has the following operation categories for product movement.Logistics and MAS in Supply Chain ManagementIn the petrochemical industry, where the daily flow of product movements in and out of plants is automatically performed and continuously monitored, an MAS is an essential part of the logistical infrastructure. The following processes are controlled by an MAS:-movements of procured materials-feeding of raw materials to processing plants-rundown of final products from process units to product tanks-blending of multiple materials for production of component products-distribution of discharged products to clients via truck or ship (delivery sales), or pipeline (pipeline sales) The product distribution to clients and all the requisite product movements are managed and controlled by the MAS.Bulk liquid loadingRoadLoading/UnloadingBulk liquid unloadingBulk polymer loadingPacked products loadingISO container purchasingPurchase materials (others)ShipLoading/UnloadingBulk liquid loading at DonglianjettyBulk liquid unloading atDonglian jettyBulk liquid unloading at MBZislandOTFLoading/ReceivingBatch OTF loadingContinuous OTF loadingBatch OTF receivingContinuous OTF receivingMBZ: Ma Bian ZhouChemical (Base Chemical, Fertilizer, Petrochemical)49Success Story Collection



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