About the MASThe Yokogawa MAS is comprised of management and control systems. The management system employs a client/server architecture and mainly supports logistical coordination and supervisory activities through an interface to CSPC’s higher level ERP system. A Yokogawa distributed control system (DCS) serves as the MAS control system. This oversees and monitors the loading/unloading of products. The high reliability of the DCS coupled with a very high system availability of 99.99999% makes it the perfect choice for product movement.Key ChallengesThe key challenges in the design and engineering of the MAS were the achievement of the following items in various operation environments and in such a way that the system functionalities could be easily adapted by system operators and users. With regard to road operations, i.e. truck loading/unloading, all of these challenges were taken into consideration during the design phase.•Versatile interface with ERP system•Logistical coordination and supervisory support functionalities•Securing of the business control process in the operational business flowCustomer SatisfactionWith supply chain management, a business operation can achieve significant cost savings by optimizing and improving the efficiency of its logistics operations. The upfront investment in technology for a MAS system requires also a well thought out flow of business operations and robust business controls in its logistics operations. Operational Excellence in delivery and distribution can achieve tangible improvements in unit costs through the efficiency and optimization of operations and the reduction of rework and human error. The key to cost benefits is having robust design criteria that meet the operational requirements of the above challenges.CSPC's product movementsThe MAS system architectureSuccess Story Collection50CNOOC and Shell Petrochemicals Company Limited / China



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