Nisseki Chemical Texas Inc.One-day Switchover Turns into Profit IncreaseAbout Nisseki Chemical Texas Inc. Nisseki Chemical Texas Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Nippon Petrochemicals Company Ltd., which is the petrochemical division of Nippon Oil in Japan. The company was established in 1989 and the manufacturing plant was started up in 1994. Nisseki Chemical Texas Inc. was initially founded to produce a high voltage electrical capacitor fluid and a solvent that is primarily used in the manufacture of carbonless copy paper. Additional products have also been developed and the company now makes a variety of specialty chemicals and chemical intermediates.Background of This ProjectNisseki Chemical was using a distributed control system (DCS) from another supplier but was dissatisfied with the huge costs that were being incurred to upgrade and maintain this system. To improve the productivity of the plant, the company made the decision to replace this legacy system and to do so with minimum disruption to its operations.The Customer’s ChallengesAgainst the above mentioned background, the customer faced the following challenges:-Was using a legacy system that was becoming increasingly expensive to operate-Needed to turn into profit increase -Had to complete the replacement project in a short timePlant InformationLocation: Texas, USAOrder date:2002Completion:2003Chemical (Base Chemical, Fertilizer, Petrochemical)51Success Story Collection



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