The managers of this plant decided to automate this complex, non-routine process. After taking one year to plan the methodology and the necessary parameters and sequence of procedures, they decided to use Yokogawa’s Exapilot solution to optimize the execution of the overall process. Using Exapilot, they created a program in flowchart format that specified all the necessary procedures and parameters. No special programming knowledge was required in this, and the resulting flowchart could also be printed out for use as a standard operating procedure manual.On the Exapilot program screen, the icon corre-sponding to the procedure that is currently being implemented is highlighted with a different color, making it easy for operators to monitor the progress of the process. These icons can also be used by field and board operators to confirm DCS data settings and issue instructions to be carried out at specific points in the process. As a result, the NCUs at this plant are now operating more safely and efficiently. Automation of dryer regenerationThree dryers are located adjacent to the separation unit: the charge gas dryer, hydrogen dryer, and propylene dryer. To maintain the efficiency of all sub-sequent processes, each of these dryers needs to be regenerated when it becomes saturated with moisture. This regeneration process is complex, requiring the operation of numerous valves. Exapilot is used to ensure that this essential process is carried out correctly, safely, and efficiently.Customer SatisfactionThe leader of the naphtha cracking department at the Yeosu plant explained that Exapilot is easy to understand and use, allowing them to create flow-charts of standardized procedures based on the expertise of their best operators, and to easily make corrections whenever a procedure needs to be changed. Operators are now able to interactively navigate through the complex processes of decoking and dryer regeneration. Thanks to the near complete automation of these processes, operator workload has been drastically reduced and safety has been enhanced. The personnel here are now striving to improve many other processes at this large petro-chemical plant and believe that this and other Yokogawa solutions are helping to make them more globally competitive. They plan to keep working together with Yokogawa Korea to realize this goal.Operational function for automation of manual operationBuilder function for automation of manual operationSummary of Customer's benefits1. Reduced operator workload2. Fewer operator errors3. Safer operations4. Reduced steam consumption 5. Lower maintenance costsSuccess Story Collection56South Korean Petrochemical Company / South Korea



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